Who are we ?

We’re a team of wannabe indie game developers, making our first project. We live in Reunion Island, a small island near Madagascar. We like Games, Anime, Ghibli, and we want to contribute to a more kind world for everyone. We hope to start our journey with you (reader), like a good Shonen adventure, meeting inspiring nakama along the way.


  • Life story could be a good script for a Korean drama. Can do a lot of stuff, like a lot of Asian people
  • Has a tattoo of Spirited Away (Ghibli Studio)
  • Can talk to spirits to poke the team when they sleep


  • Wanted to become an airline pilot, but changed his mind to make activities for children
  • Easy-to-work-with and caring personality, no one ever saw him get angry
  • Could sell you your own mother


  • 2 master’s degrees in ethology and digital marketing. Hard worker and strong-willed woman.
  • Likes a lot of board games, manga and karaoke
  • Weird way of talking sometimes, reminding you she’s a total nerd


  • Self-taught about everything, master of the Triforce : Google, Wikipedia, Youtube
  • Cries a lot over emotional stories
  • Talks a lot…too much actually. Rumors say the team mute him most of the time


  • Senior C# developer, likes complicated stuff with IoT and Web3 technologies
  • Knows absolutely nothing of games, probably because he trained his skills deep in the mountains, far away from society
  • Discreet, small figure, Asian origins… probably a Shaolin master in disguise (can probably kill you with two finger